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Fairy Fashions number 4.

I have two brand new outfits (and one classic) to show any faeries. This time though, we're looking more towards the expensive end of town.

First of all, Trap have released a new series of skins called "Haunted" and supposedly they are only going to be available for the month of October - which in part explains the very high price of $1800L per skin. I was very lucky to have a wonderful and generous friend give it to me as a gift.

In the first picture I have combined it with Woodland Fairy wings from Seven's Selections and the "Festival Ribbons" set which was free last month from Santum Hair (and I believe is still available as a group gift this month). My hair is from Analog Dog.

Please click on the pictures twice to enlarge them.

Another view of the same skin and hair but with Seven's Selections' Ragged Fairy wings and the Halloween Silks I got from the Solange lucky chair. Silks can be an option for Fairies *if* you pick the right ones.

And now for something completely different and, to me, completely unique. Eshi Otawara's Hibiscus. Eshi sells this as a full dress with several dress options to match the incredible Hibiscus flower that attaches to your ankles.

I decided not wear the dress but to match the flower to a bright pink and purple skin, Summer Seale's tiny Space Silk outfit (there isn't much silk there) and the glowy animated hair from Boon (although lately I have been wearing the yellow version rather than the more purpuly one I used for this picture). This is the first outfit I have ever seen that looked better without wings!

The spots you see aren't particles, they are textures on flexi prims and the way the whole outfit moves and sways is just fantastic.

The Hibiscus is available from Eshi's store "Chambre du Chocolat" for $1,000L (and I have to thank Eshi for giving it to me as a gift before I knew it existed). "I want to see a faerie in it!"

The final outfit is a classic. Chaospire's "Wood Nymph" - the first outfit that I ever saved and saved to buy. At $800L it's far from cheap but it's a classic and is very well made - far better than most new faerie outfits. If you only had to buy one faerie outfit - this would be my recommendation to you.

I took this picture of Charlanna's first outing as a faerie just the other day.

What I also like is how well it goes with coloured skins. Both green and dark brown skins work to give this a different look.

I call this my feral fae look.

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