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Faerie Fashions continued - skins, wings and Bare Rose.

I have to thank Lysanna for her comment that faeries would: ..."be ethereal, tall, painfully beautiful and scary as get-out."... which got me thinking about which outfits of mine would fit the bill. I thought of a few and then I realised that most of them were from the same shop: Bare Rose.

So in this post I will try to show how to be "be ethereal, tall, painfully beautiful and scary as get-out" just with outfits from Bare Rose.

If you haven't been to BR then you really should because no other shop has their combination of variety, imagination and low prices. Nearly every outfit I have from BR was under $150L!


The first step in being ethereal is to have a coloured skin because nothng says that you are from another world like a green or a blue skin does. The best places to get your coloured skins are:

Sin Skins: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Port Seraphine/248/188/56
my little stall in Volpe: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Volpe/157/136/61
Seven's Selections: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Flotsam Beach/98/97/22


To me there is no question about where to get the best wings in SL: from Jen Shikami at Seven's Selections (SLURL is above but if you have to search for them make sure you include the apostrophe).

Not only are Jen's wings are very high quality, fully scripted to change size, opacity and stiffness with separate settings for flying and not-flying. But $250L buys you a whole folder of up to 12 wings in various colours. No one else comes close to the value.

While it is true that faeries generally did not have wings before the Victorian age, it is now an accepted fact that all faeries have some sort of insect-like wings (usually butterfly or dragonfly) and rightly or wrongly, in SL wings are what define you as a faerie. Just as black or white feathered wings define an angel and black bat wings define you as a demon or vampire.

Bare Rose's Outfits.

If you go to Bare Rose looking for faerie outfits look first on the 6 pillars near the tp point where they have the new releases and then go to check both the Gothic section and the Fantasy section.

You can click on the pictures (twice) to enlarge them.

This is my all time favourite BR outfit (and the one in my icon photo too): Brand New Heaven. You get both colours in the folder. This skin is from Sin Skins, the hair is "Anime" from Deviant Kitties and the wings are Faery Bug wings from Seven's Selections.

This is just part of the Crystal Angel outfit. It comes with some prim angel wings and feathered shoes which I'm not using as I prefer my Venom wings.

This is the Gold Heart outfit which comes in both white and gold and I wanted to show how you can get very different effects by using different coloured skins and different wings. I love the intricacy of this outfit.

This is Black Brizzard and is in the Gothic section. If you had a back or red skin it could look quite demonic, but I think it also makes a good faerie outfit. It certainly fits the "scary" requirement.

This regal looking outfit is called Nirvana. I normally leave the shoulder pieces off and wear wings.

But I have left the best to last. Well certainly the most imaginative till last. What could be more "ethereal, tall, painfully beautiful and scary as get-out" than this? This is Aquarius worn by Dunan. I think it is perfect for any formal or royal occasion where you want to impress with your beauty and other-worldliness.

I hope this gives any faeries (or aspiring faeries) some ideas to go beyond the "gown and wings" look.
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