December 12th, 2008

Faerie with Butterflies

A Winter's Fairy Tale.

[Also posted on the Livejournal Secondlifers blog].

I've been struggling with the whole concept of the grid being covered in snow because it's the height of summer here but I got excited when I saw that Vanity Universe was holding an exhibition called "A Winter Fairy Tale". Now there's a title guaranteed to grab my interest.

It's definitely worth going to (there are some nice outfits and a few nice freebies) but it's not their best exhibition because sadly a number of the exhibitors didn't show anything even vaguely related to the winter theme (let alone being "fairy tale" related).

And then things got weird (at least for me they did).

It got weird for me because the stand out winner outfit at the exhibition is ....ahem..... from a Gorean shop named Silks & Satyr. You see they actually took the whole "Winter Fairy Tale theme to heart and made a special set of silks called "Snow Fae". They even included bra and undies so the outfit is PG. I also have to give bonus points because everything fitted pretty close to perfectly straight away.

This was a challenge I could not resist so I have been running around for a few days turning the silks into a full "Snow Faerie" avatar and here I am:

La Fee de neige.

I have to give full credit to Silks & Satyr for coming up with something new and Fae and totally outside their usual market - well done guys. The fact that 50% of the proceeds are being donated to Care International is just a bigger bonus.

If you don't want to face the lag at Vanity Universe you can also get the silks from their store here:

Yes - that's 3800m in the sky!