July 22nd, 2008

Faerie with Butterflies

Faerie Fashions.

This post has been kicking around the back of my mind for a while: a basic fashion guide for faeries.

I don't want to make another fashion blog because there's both too many fashion blogs already, and I seriously doubt that I will ever be able to do more than one or two posts. Faerie fash is a real niche.

But to start with I have to ask you - what is a faerie to you? To me there seems to be two very different views of what is a faerie.

The first kind of faerie is the Victorian and/or Disney view of faeries as women in ballgowns with wings. Essentially they are harmless, kind and they look after mistreated princesses. Nothing at all to be worried about and safe for little children to play with.

The second kind of faerie is the original faerie that the ancient Celts and Viking peoples believed in. Other-worldy, nature-spirits that were to be respected and even feared. Not good, but not evil either. The respect and fear they were given was simply a result of their unpredictability coupled with the power to get their own way. But definitely not at all safe for children to be near.

So which sort of faerie do you want to be?

If you want to wear a ballgown with wings - then go right ahead, there are more gowns in SL than you will ever have room in your inventory for. In fact, if you think a faerie is just Snow White with wings, then you can get a very nice version of Snow White's gown from Versteck for $100L at:


You can click on the pictures twice to enlarge them.

But I want to help the more ethereal, more nature-spirit type of faerie. The ones who are more like Dunan and I. The slightly wild ones. :)

The first outfit I have for you is both a freebie AND one of my favourite outfits - not because it's free but because I love wearing it. It's from Baiastice at:


You can wear it with human skins like this picture of myself (on the left wearing some additional tattoos) and my friend Alles on the right who is wearing the whole outfit with nothing added:

or it goes wonderfully with a green skin like this:

But if that is a little too daring, then I found this wonderful outfit for $125L at a lovely little shop called "AbNormal Ms".