March 18th, 2008

Faerie with Butterflies

The down-side of shopping in Japanese sims.

The down-side of the Japanese sims.

I found what I thought was a fantastic EGL shop last night (that's Elegant Gothic Lolita in case you didn't know) called "Canal Grande" (or was it "CanalGrande" ?).

The shop had quite a lot of really nice outfits - I like less "Gothic" in my EGL as skulls, crosses and coffins just don't do it for me and this shop had several dresses that I really liked.

Also the prices were great - typical Japanese $80-$150 (one outfit at $500). I checked the perms - Mod & Trans but no-copy so I bought a sweet looking really lacy dress in deep pink (almost maroon) with puffy short sleeves.

Then I noticed the sleeves were too tight and my arms were sticking through three quarters of them so I clicked edit. OMG this is no-mod! I had read it wrong - this is copiable but no-mod and no-transfer! Who makes prim clothing that is no-mod??? Well Canal Allen of "Canal Grande" does! And here is the downside - these designers don't speak English so giving them a notecard seems pointless.

I took a picture zoomed in on my arm sticking through the sleeves and sent it to her/him instead, but I think I have just wasted my money. My fault I guess for not reading the permissions properly. Sigh.

And it's a real shame too because I would have liked to have bought several more things from her and been able to rave about how good her stuff is instead (and the quality of the dress was really good too).

Moral of the story: Read the permissions carefully!


Following all the helpful comments from the Secondlifers group, I did write out a note card in simple, short (and polite) sentences that a translator program should be able to cope with, and sent it to her.

An hour later she accepted it. 30 minutes later she sent me an IM! Woo Hoo.

She was obviously using a translator program when we spoke because of the extensive delays, but she tp'd me over and gave me a larger pair of moddable sleeves which I was able to make fit perfectly! She even gave me a larger and moddable version of the choker as well (I had been so caught up in the sleeves I hadn't noticed the choker was too small).

All is well and she was very helpful, saying to contact her if I have any trouble with anymore of her dresses. I will shop there again.
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